Read Poem: Mortal Love, by Jayanta Biswas

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I could never think
In my remotest thoughts
That we would turn up like this.
The sweetness of friendship
And the fragrance it promised
All the smooth rides
Would be interspersed with
Hiccups in the endeavour
To be kept tied up to the other
Once thought indispensable.
Even with defenceless doubts
And dogged disbelief
And shades of mistrust
We would just hang on to comply
With sporadic force and waning vigour
And the demand of decided routine.

If dream is everything
And thoughts are its recognition
What this waking state means!
Or this special awakening?
It is certainly not a wait
That you will still want breath
To catch hold of you
In its dubious present!
It is by no means
An impossibility
That you will remain helpless
And alone in the night.
This is within your very capacity
To keep the communication going.
To bring your cosmic rhythm
Onto the other eagerly waiting.

You very much know
Who keeps watch at the distant horizon;
Who waits by your side
Always holding out his hands
Warm and glowing in love
Transcendental and blissful.
Yet, if you feel you cannot move
You cannot walk side by side
Holding hands clasping the fingers tight–
It’s an inability, and a crippling excuse
Maiming the soul–living but paralysed.
If the vow is pure
And the friendship is strong
It’s the actions which should speak–
The dreams and imaginations
Being the roots and basis.

That we are bound by common coordinates
Time, space and proximity
And not acting Avatars in helpless virtuals
That all these heavenly feelings
Are sourced from everything earthly
That we act as mortals searching eternity
Why don’t we do all that’s within our limit!
Care for all the timeless instants.
The power of divine
Comes from the power from within
That’s strictly linked with the present.
And there should be no regrets
That it is just this world
This is the limit of our bourne:
And we are the children of this real
Wherein should flourish all our feelings–
We mere mortals–the flesh and blood
Strive hard to feel the life and its pulse
And thus we embrace love and fate
And conquer death– the facade of a new world.

(C) All rights reserved

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