Read Poem: The Artist, by Latonia Sears

The whisper of sweet nothings in your ear projecting love in the background feeling something familiar inside

The vibrations you feel with every beat followed by the distant and vague strokes you hear from the amplification of it all

Turning poetry into perfection and a memorable moment in your mind it feels so sublime to hum or whistle with a certain idea in mind

Clapping hands and snapping fingers initiate your bodily emotions in sync and perfect rhythmic chime whether you are voguing or doing the waltz

Popping, ticking, stomping to something so soothing to my senses within my human state of being nothing to hide only something to give

Wont stop cant mute my world of endless relaxation and vibration the excitement it compels in the soulful part of my mind

The skatting of soulful rhythmic verses magnified to spread the word around to those seeking refuge from the mondane

Cords, lyrics, speeding up but at times slowing down to form the most beautiful serinades with stanzas and rhyme and plenty of reason

Something so precious that it will continue to stand the test of time changing more and more through every generation a new way of thinking most times

Making space for new images that can sometimes share a nostalgic inovation coupled with a new found refrain

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