Read Poem: My Mother’s Birthday Poem, by Charleen Carothers

To my mother
She is like no other
Being the oldest of four
I know lots more
Growing up I can recall
Things like asking for a ball
You dressing Cathleen and I alike
And dad teaching me to ride a bike
You said things like “don’t throw me in the Gatter”
And you made us climb a ladder
Taking us on many vacations
Seeing many nations
We went to Brazil
To climb a very big hill
To see a statue of Jesus Christ
The one in Rio De Janeiro sufficed
Visiting family in Sao Paulo
And many years to follow
Seeing different parts of Mexico
Which was very fabuloso
Then going on a family cruise
Where Christopher got to choose
To play a survivor game
Where he became more fame
Then Cathleen joins the show
By jumping to and fro
Even though nobody won
She was well liked by a ton
Then there was Italy where you got see
Many different things all without me
With all of the family travelings
As well as family gatherings
You have made sure we stay together
For that we all treasure
While making great memories
For our growing families
Recently going to France
While we had the chance
Where you said “To stay warm swim frantically”
And Calysia and I did it systematically
Though your words can sometimes confuse And it would be really funny if you were on the news
I grew up saying things that were wrong
And dads family remembers you wearing a thong
When you went to our grandparents pool The men became all a fool
All of the men
Watching with a grin
You’ve always been in great shape
Never like a pear or a grape
The woman would give you a hard time
Like working out while pregnant was a crime
Even as you age
No one can gauge
How old you really are
When you go dancing at a bar
Mom you may not ever truly get old
I know that is what you want to be told
Like a bottle of wine
You get better with time
It is you sixty sixth birthday
And there is only one thing to say
Sometimes I make things unpleasant
But I love you and made you this present
You have been working so hard
Barely making time to do the yard
Staying up late
And eating your dinner after eight
I am glad you will soon be qualified
And able to set aside
More time to rest
And be less stressed
Spend more time with your new grandchild To be there when she smiled
And teach her special things
That only a grandma brings
Happy Birthday mom
You are the bomb!
From your loving daughter Charleen
Who has eyes that are olive green

Charleen Carothers
Poems by Charleen

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