Read Poem: Flow!, by Laye Da Writer

Yeah you may think this another go round

I mean I cant say it’s different

We just can’t seem to shake the commitment

No wonder the tree is trembling on shaky ground

Would you walk away unphased if in these shoes

Someone in the others’ place might create a spot in the empty hole

So of course, they’ll sit back waiting like a troll

And then the ship sails off on the path of the cruise

Who are we to hold one who wishes to leave

Why even bother

What’s there to gain

Who even benefits

Where would it go

When would the genuineness play out

How in the hell would I be able to live with myself

Guess we would just have to see the trick come down it’s sleeve

All of this may sound boggled

Yes I know just a tad

Bare with me it’s not that bad

Not all of us navigate through the bulls**t goggled

Meaning we have to sift through and through

Then maybe on the other side is a way waiting

And they say play the field while you’re dating

Unfortunately there are things hidden, it’s true

But that’s half the battle

Don’t run from the humble

Yeah you’ll get some grumble

Sometime we really need that hard rattle

Usually these things paint a picture but the image is lost


Author: poetryfest

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