Read Poem: Living For Yesterday, by Naomi Hefter

Those times I read, a time I should belong.
Those words on the pages, those lyrics in a song.

Those times I heard a place I should have been,
The incredible stories,
The psychedelic trips I would have seen.

Take me away, take me to that place in Laurel Canyon.
Bring me far away from here and now.
Consider me in your world of 1970
Do what you can, take me back someway somehow.

Daydreaming about a day in LA, a walk down Sunset Strip,
This isn’t just a fantasy, it’s more than a polaroid print.
California, take me back in time, a week, a day even an hour,
Bittersweet notes rain on me, have I lost all my power?

So, tell me now, do I dream about then or live for today?
I’m not one to pray, but Jesus now I pray.
Can I live free for tomorrow or am I stuck in yesterday?


Author: poetryfest

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