Read Poem: NATURE OF THINGS, by Bardthesque 

– I have no idea.
– Try harder.
– The truth, I guess.
– Truth of guess what?
– Of anything, really, I mean everything.
– An ambitious lil’ fella, aren’t you?
– More of a beachcomber.
– Look at that.
– Truth, of course, is the nature, of things.
– As if truth, is that important.
– Touché.
– Some would say love is, or luck, or natural laws are.
– Aren’t those fragments of truth?
– What do you mean with truth then, in a mystical sense?
– The nature of things, being my true religion.
– Your own little true religion then?
– The religion of all religions, meta religion.
– I can live with that since it is harmless.
– It is actually a recipe for world peace if you unfold it.
– Well well well.
– It is harmless, since it is merely a collective name, a convention, a container so to speak.
– So to speak.
– Yes.
– The nature of things.
– The nurture of things.
– Sounds good, but what does it mean?
– The purest form of death.
– Does death has any meaning then?
– Don’t be silly.
– I only act silly.
– Death is the lack of meaning, for what gives life its meaning is death, and death alone.
– You are a funny guy.
– Death or the absence of life.
– What about a rock then, which is dead nor alive?
– Death is not the meaning of existence, but of life.
– Bit easy, no?
– The purest form of death, is one with the nature of things.
– The purest form?
– I don’t know yet what I mean with that.
– So death is your religion?
– No.
– So life is?
– Nope.
– Neither death nor life then?
– Exactly.
– But what else is there?
– Mere existence, or the lack of mere existence.
– Oh, ok.
– There exists more, than life and death, you know.
– I don’t know whether I find this interesting or banal.
– It is almost too obvious.
– Truth is too obvious?
– Exactly, it is self evident.
– Now it is becoming something.
– Truth is always, everywhere, inevitable.
– Are you sure?
– We have always known it, but many have forgotten about it, myself included.
– Why?
– Culture, nurture, whatever.
– So we all know it?
– Truth is what we are, we incorporate it, we have all always been solid truth and we are still in the thick of
it, somehow crumbled perhaps.
– It is certainly an idea.
– An intuition, a short cut to everything.
– Here comes spinoza, smiling face.
– And all those of all cultures of all times.
– What about language?
– World is a word, what about it?
– Come on.
– The limits of language are the limits of life, therefore death is unspeakable, hence it is the nature of things,
which stretches far beyond the limits of language, habits, ethics.
– Ethics?
– I mean esthetics, which is the same.
– Ethics and esthetics are the same?
– The way it is said or done is their common ground, their truth, let’s say.
– I am starting to understand.
– But do you sense it?
– I can imagine that I do.
– Just because it is almost too obvious doesn’t mean it is easily explained

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