Watch the NOVEMBER 2017 Poetry Readings

Poetry Readings performed by Val Cole & Carina Cojeen

The Bane of Whitechapel – Poetry Reading by Lee A Forman

Maybe, There Is Still Hope – Poetry Reading by Melissa R. Mendelson

INDIAN SUMMER – Poetry Reading by Vihang A Naik

FRUSTRATION – Poetry Reading by Patricia Marvin

Escape – Poetry Reading by Farzleen F Khan

Beautiful Dead Dragonfly Why – Poetry Reading by James Gaynor


















Genre: Travel (England)

Missed connection
an hour to wait
Walk a circular mile
No beer house in sight
Minutes take hours
Another cigarette
Red diesel fumes
Sickly sweet perfume
Chopped ham and liver

Read Poetry: Image of a Rustic Girl, by Aju Mukhopadhyay

Who could bring dry wood
from the wood
once the rain would start?
For fear of getting them on her head drenched
the wench ran under the darkest clouds overhead
gnashing their teeth sounding like fart
threatening her safe journey to homestead.
Steady and alert
quickly to come out of the wood
she ran faster than her mood.

It was nothing but a play
among the rain and the cloud
with the damsel and the wood;
but she was an elf, gossipmongers say
(c) Aju Mukhopadhyay, 2017
Category: Romantic and rhyming

Read Poetry: PEACE BE STILL, by Ngozi Osuoha

peace, why drag supremacy
And fight for superiority?
Why crush silence
And break thine sheath,
That we remain at war?

You waylay unity
And make skulls, your crown
You ambush growth
And arrest development,
Peace, why hate thyself
When you are a gem?

Barefooted, you wander afar
Thirsty, you stand aloof
Hungry, you sink beyond
Lonely, you stray away
Peace, why art thou gone?

Come, peace come
Return, O peace
This earth is broken
This world is bruised,
Come, heal the air
Come, sweep the land
Return, O peace,
Peace! Peace! Be Still!


An art so wondrous
Divine in every sense,
A creature so elegant
Creative, gallant and immaculate.

The bravest of creation
Smart, strong and sound
Loving, caring, lovely, careful
The woman, a little god.

Homemade, homemaker
Groomed and grooming
A confident confidant
A loyalist and a faithful
Submissive, calm and resilient.

Pure,  genuine companion
Quiet, honest giver
Fair, jealous lover
Godly, decent soulmate.

Save her the drama
Heal her the trauma,
Clean her the stigma
And clear her of the dilemma.

Ngozi Olivia Osuoha is a Nigerian poet/writer, a graduate of Estate Management with experience in Banking and Broadcasting. Her first longest poem THE TRANSFORMATION TRAIN published in Kenya is available on amazon. She has published over eighty poems in over ten countries.

Read Poetry: Date Nights, by Jei Nacalaban JP

I have a friend named Aaron.
He told me that,
To be able to find the one,
I need to look at other people.

Ridiculously loyal as I am,
I refused to do that.

Hard as I try,
Nobody can send electrical signals
Across my chest in an abnormal
Lightning speed,

Giving me chest pains, making me out of breath
Like you do.

Was I even in love? I wonder.
Look in my eyes, can you see the pupils
Of my myopic eyes dilate,
As it looked at you

Walking towards me with that
Irresistible smile,

Wait. Am I hearing fireworks nearby?
Or my head starts to hum violently?
That could be my chronic migraine,
Acting out or just that,

I’m too excited to sit across you
In our table,

Leaning closely as I can,
Listening to you talk,
Watching your lips move,
Mouthing words,

I’m trying to keep up with the conversation,
Trying to stop the urge to kiss you.

Kiss you? What? Did I say that out loud?

Do you know that a human heart can normally
A hundred and twenty per minute? No?
Mine does.

It’s like running a hundred meter dash
Towards you,
But you make the world spin in slow motion,
While turning the second hand
Of my analog watch, twice as fast,
The contradictions spinning,

As I panic,
My face turning red.

You looked at me, and I realized
I want this.
I might not deserve it,
But there’s nothing better.

Feelings they come and go, they usually do.
But these feelings, they won’t go, not with you.

Late night conversations,
Fast food chains,
Small talks and arguments,
Memories piling up one after another

Maybe Aaron was right, I need to look at other
to realize that I already found the one.

Read Poetry: Conquer The Fear, by Grace Mavodza

Face to face,
No, face my mind.
Looking within
The dark abyss.

There she lurks
My other half.
Her eyes glow red.
A piercing hue,
That burns right through my inner core.

As she glides across my mind with ease
Hairs stand on end,
Cold clammy skin,
Goosebumps appear
“Lord help, please hear!”

Must face her now.
Must face my fear.
The inner demon
That lives within.


Genre: Fear, Conquering fear, darkness, facing inner demons

Read Poetry: Young Heart, by Hala Emad 

genre: Romance, Sad


The Bonbon

He took it with him with all the candies

Someone has to tell him, because

The bonbon is what this little girl owns

And whose her shadow only belongs

To his shadow, as the place she dwells.


He took the sugar,

The dream in green color,

My little toy, the beaker

And the tea’s flavor

Leaving jealousy for the boiler

Who when got jealous, did fritter.


He took my red flower,

The shells around my mirror,

My barbie doll, my laughter,

The feast scent and savor,

The dream that I just did texture,

My lipstick and my eyeliner.


He took the chocolate and its magnitude,

He embittered by his absence and solitude

Its beautiful taste and attitude.

Someone has thim: “I forgot any rude”,

As well as I decided to grow up not screwed.

By: Hala Emad


Read Poetry: “Sleep No More”, by Kim Michelle Ross

Sleep evermore my love,

Your betraying lies,

Unhinged and broke my heart.

It was the blackest day,

At the brightest hour,

When my love finally soured.

Your despairing pleas,

Failed to sway my forgiveness.

Bang, went the gun, it had to be done.

Splashes of red my only recall,

I did not care, love was no more.

My regrets numbered none.

I’m glad you’re dead,

And but a fading memory,

Yet, I will sleep never-more.

Read Poetry: OUCH!, by Andrianne Philippou

This comes as no surprise, you see 
I always felt this had to be. 
There is a certain path you know, 
a way to learn, a way to grow. 
For here the road is split in two, 
one track for me, and one for you. 
So as I walk, my steps unsure, 
I stumble slightly, sometimes fall. 
And as I struggle hard to stand 
and carry on without your hand, 
I realise that I’m doing fine. 
Horizons beckon, the sun still shines. 
The rainbow hasn’t lost its colour, 
and so what if the poppy’s pallor 
needs a little extra sparkto stir the  
meadow or the park? 
I know that I will find my way 
(despite the tears that make me stray), 
by daring to believe my dream;  
the trickle of a mountain stream 
that flows, cascading to the sea 
and finds release, as so will we… 
I’m holding on to all that’s real;  
the way you laugh, the way you feel, 
the way we share a thought, our passion, 
a sense that this is beyond fashion. 
For how else can you touch me quite,  
and know my soul, and fit so right? 
For me, this journey holds no fear. 
So please, unlock your heart, my dear…  
© Andrianne Philippou – 
26th April 2008