Read Poem: WALKING ON THE BEACH, by Jacueline Mead

Have you ever gone walking on the beach?

Shoes slipped off, sand covering your feet
Just you walking, on a big empty space.
The wind blowing in your face.
You pull your coat around you tight;
to brace against the cold.
Arms across your body, you fold
Waves crashing on the shore
Yet you find peace and tranquillity, even with the waves loud roar
You walk and walk, losing track of time
Recharging your soul, body and mind.
How is it possible to find such peace?
When all around you is noise.
Yet the wind in your face, the crash of the waves, brings you such joy.
I love walking on the beach, shoes slipped off, sand covering your feet
Coat pulled up around your face, the Beach becomes my happy place.
(c) Jacueline Mead 2020Image