Read Poem: Trapped I Am, by Sujoy Bhattacharya

The ocean got congealed up to squeeze me into nothingness.
The sky condensed and engulfed the entire Earth to eternal hiatus !
My finer soul escaped out from the almost impenetrable tapestry of nature’s snare .
A pungent odour from a huge ball of chlorophyll aroused cosmic sneezing.
A shoal of galactic drones desperately delved into the stinking debris .
A group of alien phantoms fondled my famished soul to glory of juvenile puberty!


Read Poem: Exile, by Sujoy Bhattacharya

Post modernism was polishing posterior part of civilization .
A raven raised its bruised beak to battle with
the ugly bestiality .
A bovine call disturbed the desolate
domain- traverse tranquility.
I was standing on the bank of Yamuna
full to the brim –
as consummate as a pregnant woman
at an advanced stage .
My magenta look craned up to salute
dark clouds pouring down torrentially
melting meticulously .
The fugitive sun took prolonged shelter
behind the murky clouds .
Bacteria and virus were rejoicing with jubilant
exuberance infesting on human bodies .
My moist feet were eager to soak warmth
from the core of the earth !
Feline fidelity frowned at the frozen fossil
of moral inertia .
The ether wave echoed a shrill cry floating
around the globe .
Granules of gorgeous glitters made a
garland to pay last homage to the corpse
of human civilization.
I descried a floral chariot descending from
the void to abduct me to an alien planet
for researching human psychology .

Read Poetry: Agony, by Sujoy Bhattacharya

An apathetically toxic sound entered my mortal
visual organ .
Dandified with the foppish arrogance of cosmic
supremacy the
sound reverberated in my frozen heart preserved
at the core
of Antarctic effigy emanating sigh of vacuity .
Dead dynasties
delineated perpetually flapping flag of time studded
with space spacious !
Flippant cosmic rays cooing with the dead stars –
corpse love !
Coffined human love taking a flimsy phantom
figure was
pouring elixir -stolen from Egyptian mummies.
My amputated
organs scattered over the oceans were reading
the inscriptions
of time over the tapestry of space dew – drenched!
My severed
tongue was licking languidly the spilling psalm of
humanity !
Millions of mouths were chanting dogged dogmatic
to establish monuments of ephemeral discourse .Lonely polestar
was politely polishing the rusted metal deity of
compassion ,
so that it could radiate again the theory of relationship!

Read Poetry: Freedom Of Thought, by Sujoy Bhattacharya

Stealing warmth from twinkling stars the Yamuna
was sleeping wearing the blanket of mist  . A rejected
 love soul tormented by the burning spasm of dejection
dragged his languid body lashing his reluctant strides
 with the stubbornness of his decision to  end his life
 drowning  into the placid abysmal depth of the river .
The dreaming Yamuna awakened by the vigorous jerk
 of her sixth sense  glanced on the man standing on
 her bank . Reading his mind she requested Thor to
drink all her water for some time so that the man
 can’t commit suicide. The vanished river bewildered the
man to positive thinking and an ebullient life was saved .

Read Poetry: Surrender, by Sujoy Bhattacharya

Fearlessness was instigating me to dip into the
 den of devil’s dungeons . I slapped my indolence
 to get up from the cozy lap of procrastination
and yawning out lethargic worms , I got ready to
 step my reluctant strides forward beyond the
fortified threshold . Two spiders stopped webbing
 to give a derisive look aglow with mockery .
 A blind bat thanked me with a floppy flap of its wings .
 The flowers in in the roadside park were dangling
dizzily to foster me in my stupendous expedition .
 I was going to steal for the first time in my life .
It was a heinous offer from my ladylove to steal her
virginity before marriage .  I was a bit hesitant to nod
to her proposal . She  cleated my mind with infallible
logic and I consented . My trembling legs were cursing
my body . The wind was patting me on my libido to
inspire me to make my effort victorious. Before long I
 dragged my jubilant mind to her vicinity .
 She welcomed me with warm aroma of
scintillating love and I tasted the palate of stealing her most
 valuable wealth that was poignantly happy to be plundered .



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Read Poetry: Terrain Terrific, by Sujoy Bhattacharya

Toughness lightens your voluptuous jaws
with monstrous hunger
to engulf human edifice of excellent creation .
could you maintain silky softness behind your stony of
ruthlessness ?
The sky above watches with tears of reprimanding
your crafty games you play to toy with the flimsy effort of
human beings-
helpless puppet to the capricious whims of your
restless nature .
Molten saps of petrified dynasties running
through your crevices –
whisper the incantation to revive the
dormant fossils awaiting for quenching its thirst for solar
radiation .
Your crude cajoling for witnessing human molestation
by your retinue ,
confer wooing suffering to earthly beings .
Poets and writers invest
on your infatuating aspects to reap golden crops .
You are a menacing medley of both creation and annihilation.
Your bridal attraction , your enchanting enigma
allure people to attend the
feasting ceremony you arrange to trap your victims .
The sky scolds
you wheedlingly for your crafty devices to caress creatures
to devilish death .
You muse mockingly at the shedding of
crocodile’s tears of the sky for the dying earth .


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