Forever, Poetry by George W Knox

Genre . Love

I beg to be counted among the crowds

who behold your splendour

for angels conspired to paint you

a masterpiece, forever displayed

in the gallery of my heart

and yet amongst the hoards

of those more deserving

I find only me

a speck of dust

in a mountain of humanity

for I raise my voice

to the heavens in awe

as angels saw fit to bind together

a woman so perfect

and an undeserving man

but still I grasp love’s jagged thorn

endure its pain

and smile

– safe in the knowledge

that I have given with certitude

my heart

as you travel through the depths of my being

to meet at a place where our hearts

can dwell

as you search for my soul

I will take you there

where bodies grow old

but the love in our heart

will always burn

and when the master beckons

I will look in your eyes

to wipe away a tear

with a final kiss…..

as we begin our journey

to eternity

George W Knox


    * * * * *

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