Sunday Night Service, Poetry by Carla Fox

Genre: Religion, Inspirational

Sunday Night Service

One Sunday my job changed my schedule so I had to work during the day,
So I decided that I should go to church that night to worship God and pray, I drove around with great expectations from about seven until nine o’clock, But there was not one church open as I drove around from block to block, Taverns and nightclubs were open and full of those who worshiped Satan, If they wanted to get saved that night, they’d be outside churches waiting, Where are the pastors and the saints? God said to occupy until He comes, This might have been the night God wanted to heal, deliver or save someone, There used to be a time when many churches had services on Sunday nights, Now days so few come out at night they are closed to save on gas and lights, Why should anyone be more concerned about paying the church utility bills? Than being concerned about loss souls getting delivered, saved and healed, God is not pleased, and if the Church keeps neglecting the work of the Lord, Then before the judgment seat of Christ, the lake of fire will be the reward.

by Carla Fox


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