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TEMPTATIONS, by Denisse Perez

Feel I need you , I can’t lie But the morals don’t apply But I can’t fight what’s inside I can’t get you off my mind Thinking I should let you know That it’s you I want to show All … Continue reading

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Sedona Noon, Poetry by Cliff Smith

 Genres: Death, Funeral, Hope, Inspirational, Life, Love, Motivational, Philosophical, Redemption, Relationships, Religion, Song.  Life is so fine here on the line till you cross over. Lose your mind cause you can’t find your four-leaf clover. You’ll discover another lover and … Continue reading

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“They always bite the hand that feeds them”, Poetry by Sofia Kioroglou

 Genre: Religion, Philosophical —  Always be a giver cast your bread upon the waters Don’t expect anything back It is not just the 613 mitzvot we are talking about It is just a matter of kindness You know what they … Continue reading

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Gone, Poetry by minusthecynic

Genre: Religion, Inspirational Gone:  Goodbye opportunity to set the record straight  Farwell comfortable silences , whispered and screamed love songs to Jesus in attempts to beat the  summer heat  Long dreary days  Tear stained eyes  Hard to deal with attitudes and personalities larger than life  Differences of opinion, divergent paths we walk on  Yet there is love between us buried amidst this madness  And that’s why it aches so much inside my heart  Cos there is no turning back the hands of time  I will never get that period back again  When I could have filled in the blanks  Told you all those things you didn’t know about me  I don’t think I ever will  Even if I get the chance  Cos there are some things you are better off not knowing  Even if problems become halved when we distribute them out amongst your blood and flesh  Why would I want to make your life more difficult by struggling to summon up the love required  In response to my situation  I’d rather not make your life a simulation of a living hell  Far better for you to continue on with your life in happy smiling ignorant bliss  Than to possess the knowledge that your own kindred has done something dreadful  Trespassed upon the unthinkable boundary  Crossing the threshold into the dark realm of undiscovered country that should have remained  Unkempt and free of exploration by absolutely anyone  My soul was cannibalized and colonized like a colon cancer  And I do not possess the answer within me  As to why I would allow my mind to become deceived in this way  Yet that is the biggest reason why our time has been thieved so rapidly  Why I find myself desperately rushing my words hoping to create some semblance of normality  In the way the two of us relate      Even if you think my mentality is out of date  You never said as much to my sweet and sour indulging face  You never completely gave up on me  … Continue reading

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Sunday Night Service, Poetry by Carla Fox

Genre: Religion, Inspirational Sunday Night Service One Sunday my job changed my schedule so I had to work during the day, So I decided that I should go to church that night to worship God and pray, I drove around … Continue reading

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Khwajah Piruz, Poetry by Renkian Barrymore

Genre: Religion Khwajah Piruz by Renkian Barrymore Many of you don’t know me. My name is Khwajah Piruz. Mazdayasnian Fire Keeper, The herald delivering Nowruz. Cleanness rebuffs all evil. Purge the home, paint the walls, spruce the garden. ‘Khane Tekani’ … Continue reading

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Letters to God, Poetry by Talaya Lightbourne

I wrote these letters to express my love for you

I wrote these letters for you to mend my pain

I wrote these letters because you were my only friend Continue reading

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My Derision, Poetry by Kira Rice

My heart yearns for beauty yet I look in ruins,

my soul thirsts yet I search in barren lands,
Continue reading

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And I Pray, Poetry by Marc Libidinsky

Be exalted, Lord our God, and
Cleanse Your vine with Grace;
Delight in mercy, give us Truth,
Even the righteous words of Faith. Continue reading

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My Daily Prayer, Poetry by Angey Cravens

Each morning I wake
I say my daily prayer
Thank God for waking me
With a fresh breathe of air
Continue reading

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