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Read Poetry: PAIN, by Carmen Silva

Category: Pain      Drown, drown, drown in pain  As it floats out of my own soul;  Deep, deep, deep down into the earth it goes  As it pours out my mouth as overflows.    Deep, deep, deep my fingers dig the ground  As I try burying the hurt;  Choke, choke, choke with the dirt, myself can’t breathe   As too deep down I go, I go, I go. By Carmen Silva  Written Nov. 1st, 2017  Email: carmensilva@yahoo.com  Twitter: @Carmen_Silva2  IG: @carmen_silva_actress  Website: carmensilva.net 

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CONFIDING, Poetry by Isabella Destrades

 Genres: Life, Reflection, Dreams, Introspection, Pain, Living, Contemplation.  She laid down​ on the carpet in the ​ living room because​ she wanted to understand…​ ​ It wasn’t that she didn’t ​ know what was happening​ or why she was feeling … Continue reading

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Oberon, Poetry by Robin Goodfellow

Genre: Pain, Life — Unborn leaves dance to sounds of a bell’s hymnals, echoing through May Day’s eve. Amongst the light-rilled mist and through the golden pavement, upon a shore of stained glass sat the shadow of a man, whose … Continue reading

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YEARNING, Poetry by Kapil Joshi

GENRE: DESPAIR, LOVE, LIFE, LONGING,PAINFUL, RELATIONSHIPS YEARNING by Kapil Joshi a long cherished dream perceived,protected through fallacies of perception… protected,perceived by the walls raised through the fallacies of a dumb mind…. an enemy and a friend at the same time embracing … Continue reading

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Genre:    DARK, PAINFUL, HOPE YESTERDAY, TODAY, TOMORROW by Eve Noel His eyes are ocean blue, wide with excitement. He loved me. He cherished me. He laughed with me. Wanting to touch his new friend. I hunger for him. His … Continue reading

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Bitter-Sweet, Poetry by Angel Victoria

Genre: Love, Pain, Sad, Romantic, Friendship, Hurt Bitter-Sweet by Angel Victoria Never thought that I’d fall for you Though I kind of wish that I didn’t knew Cause I know you won’t ever look my way And it pains me … Continue reading

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The Ultimate Misunderstanding, Poetry by Stephanie Marie

I could never seem to grasp the concept of a parent disregarding the life of their very offspring. What could possibly be so enticing that one feels the need to abandon such a personal creation of art? Continue reading

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My Derision, Poetry by Kira Rice

My heart yearns for beauty yet I look in ruins,

my soul thirsts yet I search in barren lands,
Continue reading

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Wish You Were Here, Poetry by Rajat Agrawal

While he struggled to find lexis, for their beautiful world, or the absence of,

Her smile and her shine godlike, he was eternally infatuated for,

Her voice and her poise charming, he always longed for,

As he just stood there with rapt attention towards her radiance Continue reading

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Living In Color, Poetry by Emani Barton

Genre: Society, Life Living In Color by Emani Barton The melanin of your skin Isn’t what defines you Though, they’ve already created an image Of who you’re supposed to be… Barbaric, so in ways they’ll confine you And judge you off … Continue reading

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