Bitter-Sweet, Poetry by Angel Victoria

Genre: Love, Pain, Sad, Romantic, Friendship, Hurt

by Angel Victoria

Never thought that I’d fall for you
Though I kind of wish that I didn’t knew
Cause I know you won’t ever look my way
And it pains me yet, I still pray
Always thinking of what will I do
Shall I tell you, what I feel for you?

Never will I forget those moments we had
Those little memories with you isn’t so bad
Cause whem I’m with you every second counts
Just like those moments that are unforgettable one’s.

You make my day full of surprises
Like a roller coaster that falls and rises
And just like every ride has its own ending
So, this time maybe I should stop hoping.

This would be the last time, I’ll think of you
As I wrote this poem for you
I would like to say those three words to you
Hope they would reach you, I Love You.


    * * * * *

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