Def’s Poetry Pt. 1, Poetry by Def P The MC

Genre: Inspirational, Motivational, Life, Dreams

Def’s Poetry Pt. 1
by Def P The MC

Last night I had a dream of a round table discussion
Two people asked in unison, why is the world suffering
I looked to my right and said I don’t know Dr. King
The world is kinda crazy and I know you had a dream
Of equality and liberty but why’d you have to leave
See, black people needed you, we needed to believe
We needed our hero, we needed our voice
And with brothers killing brothers how in the world can we rejoice
Everytime I cut the news on there’s another death in Cleveland
And we all know when it comes to murder there’s never a good enough reason
So why are we suffering Dr. King, just take a listen
To the pain in people’s voices through the words I’m out here spitting
Civil Rights was just another very false premonition
And even though our president’s black, I bet the next one isn’t
And that’s not a prediction it’s a well known fact
But see I’m always nonviolent Dr. King, you taught me that

But what about the people man, why all the corruption
I don’t know Mr. Marley, that’s another good discussion
Greed is a disease that everyone’s affected by
And I hope that when I leave the world the message I leave behind
Is one of generosity and one of being free
See I’d give my last ten dollars to a homeless man on the street
Just so he can have a drink and if he wants to eat
He can go to Burger King and get a whopper, with cheese (haha)
But that’s just me, always nice, always smiling
Always giving, never taking, always hurt but never crying
Mr. Marley you taught me one love, one heart
I’m only 20 years old but I’ve been jamming from the start
Rehearsing my lines so that I can play my part
Call me the next Einstein because I’m playing it smart

Playing it smart? You’ve got to be joking
You dropped out of college to make music and started smoking
What kind of move is that, what can you achieve with this “rap”
And did you forget about those student loans you need to pay back?
Look man, I understand you need to follow your dreams
But this has been you’re dream since you turned 16
And not a single thing has happened, why do you still believe?
I turn to my conscience and say “Well you see,
I believe in the dream because the dream believes in me.
I could never sell my soul there’s a piece in every beat.
And about the student loans, they’ll get it when I’m ready.
So what if I smoke and my build is kinda hefty.
See I love to make music but it’s not just for me,
It’s for the person in the crowd who wants follow their dream.
For the heartbroken person trying hard to be happy
While the one that you love is treating you like a lackey.
I’m not attacking I’m saying that as people we need to rise
And stop being so discouraged by these negative lies.
You’re beautiful, you’re beautiful, you’re beautiful, you too
So stop listening to the lies and just do what you do.”

Last night I had a dream, better yet, had an epiphany
To promote peace, give back and love life endlessly

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