HearT ShapeD BubbleS, Poetry by hillary bryan

GENRE : Dub Poetry & Performer, Inspirational, Love, Motivational, Organically Sensual, Uplifting, Expansion, Gypsy Poet

HearT ShapeD BubbleS
by hillary bryan
Musical sun drops
Deliriously lovely, lovely spoken notions potions & thoughts
Our hearts joined the spirit of the earth
With the key to the sky
Ask the answer to the riddle
There’ll be no reply
None could come in the form of word
“It” is too vast in simplicity to try
Mystical Fun Spots
Mysteriously intriguing light year highways
I gotta heart shaped bubble machine with phantom power
Spluttering rainbow dreams
Floating on the breeze down your street, into your window
And landing on your nose with a “plop”
Just before you catch sight of yourself in it
Learning to live life with the lights on
Grounded from below just as above
Heaven on earth happens inside me
Delightful to be totally free
Pilot of your own heart
Through the creative hit restart
Don’t think
Feel Again – FEEL again
Capable of divinity
Sold on mediocrity
Sleepwalkers mistake mud in the eye for the landscape
We far from powerless have allowed ourselves to be bound
Mistaking victimization for a crown
Let us throw off these heavy cloaks of self loathing
We have been convinced life is an eternal winter
And we need the illusions of earth for warmth
When a raging fire burns from within
Here and now sending my life pulse out to you
It is the same beat as your breath
My intentions rise and fall with the rhythm of your chest
We’re already holding hands you and I
Even though I am over the rainbow and through the sky
In this dream of a dream I know you are near
I give you my heart
Yet lose nothing but fear
Stepping up into a new level of love
The rooftop blows off from above
There are worlds within one breath
This is not about me
This is about you
Your heart, and opening it
Without ever having touched
I have known you more intimately than a lover
Our ecstasy not confined in bodies
You have played my soul like music with your words
Shivers and goose bumps visit me as I feel your thoughts
And your perspective intertwines with mine
I am lost in deciphering their differences
I go home with a piece of you today
Our energies altered, connected, grown
 ~ written by the selectress,
hillary bryan


* * * * *

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