Ghost of my love, Poetry Mandar Naik

Genre: Rhyme, Romance, Love

Ghost of my love
by Mandar Naik

Last night I saw ghost of my love

It stood in the window, looking above.

It looked pale, tired and in despair,

As if it had just arrived from a crowded fair.

I was scared to see its darkest eyes,

Still hoping to give it one more rise.

Its deep buried smell of past,

Made me feel disturbed and aghast.

It pleaded me for a single sight,

to remember those days, tears and fight.

That endless waiting, those arms and songs to sing

Those rains, those touches, don’t you remember anything?

I said I have buried what all has gone

Those dreams withered, leaving me alone.

On the grounds of dried tears, I have sown phony smiles,

Guarding them from looming reminiscences reverting from long miles.

When you were alive, I had lived too merrily

Each day was bliss and slept dreamily.

Never knew you will leave me midway,

In the dark caves of sorrows without any ray.

I have managed to come over those mystic chants,

Which led me again & again into vicious rants.

It was a long way & it is foregone

Now I do not wish to remember & bemoan.


You go again into the deepest of my heart,

Never to revert again, never again to mar.

Never again scare me, never again rise.

I have given everything I had now to become empty & wise.

The Ghost looked at me proudly with a beaming smile,

Embracing my wet heart, waning in a while.

Said it, it will never ever reoccur from the depths

And sleep a long dream with eyes wept.

It disappeared from the window, I stood for a while.

Paying homage to my dead love & memories of time.

Then came down the rain to wet my mind

It washed away my past, sowing seeds of hope behind.

* * * * *

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