HOW LONG IS FOREVER, Poetry by Eden P. Orbista

Genre: Relationship, Love, Rhyme

HOW LONG IS FOREVER by Eden P. Orbista

It is great to know the person I admired in my teens
Without him knowing that he was my first love way back then
After 43 years of being apart, our path crossed again
Here we are seemed that we’ve known each other since.

Frozen in time, amazing but, all i saw was YOU
The way you were clad in high school uniform,
Boy..Just like the first time i set my eyes on you
Hard to believe but, it is happening, it’s true.

Our candid moments when we’re on the phone
Took us to heights only you and I can fathom
Gosh! We laughed and kidded like teenagers do
Anything we discussed, we’re enlightened too.

I’ve kept you in my heart, there was always a room for you
I felt it that someday we’ve got to share this love, I knew
The love i have long waited for, now it is coming true
Now you’re here to keep this flame in my heart burning, anew.

All these years i consoled my heart, always
Of your thoughts and of forever
It’s scary though to think, …. Yes but, ……how long is forever?
My heart and my mind can’t grasp for the right answer
Now i know that no matter how long it takes,
True love is always worth the wait.

Deep in my heart, i knew this day will come
We’ll hold each other in passionate kiss, in tight embrace
When before my heart was filled with doubts and fears
Now my heart holds a promise and joy that forever is no longer….
Than a heartbeat away, …….a thread of breath to bear.

My first love is now a realization of my true love
Amazing but, this is how fate played on us
Not knowing where we were in the past forty three years,
Yet fate brought us together to stop the tears i shed all these years
The waiting and the longing has came to end, coz forever dictates…..
That no matter how long it takes, true love is always worth the w

* * * *

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