Tech Support, Poetry by Daniel Torres-Rangel

Genre: Love and Technology


Tech Support

By: Daniel Torres-Rangel


Before you swept me off my feet I was sweeping mines off the computer screen like nobody’s business.  Before Wii tennis, it was just me, long before we could just be us.


You see, I thought my TV completed me and my instant messaging was the key to me experiencing life.  But you…you control alt deleted me and showed my Solitary soul key strokes that made me choke up in awe.  You turned my lonely cell into a Free Cell and took my Hearts to the moon and back.  I thought I needed my space until I saw your face…book.  You downloaded my trust and I unzipped your files.


I still remember the day that you caught my Pinterest; my heart was all a Twitter.  I cracked a joke and you Googled and we just clicked.  I went home and Samsung at the top of my lungs a tune of hope.  Things between us accelerated faster than 4G, but they say that at high speeds time slows down and I thought if we could figure out a way to move fast enough we could make this last forever.   Little did I know that one day I’d open a fancy little Xbox with a diamond ringtone in it and you would say yes.


I love that below your Microsoft skin there is a hard drive that constantly challenges me to upgrade to better versions of myself.  I’ve realized that I don’t want a Sony Playstation, but I so need you to play stations that will broadcast our signal to be heard in the most distant galaxy.


So let’s Comcast off our cell phones and escape to a white sandy beach and watch the sunset on the Verizon while sipping Iced-T-Mobile and devouring Blackberries.


Let’s go grocery shopping and fill our Super Mario Karts with cupcakes and Instagram crackers, and the ingredients to make dinner for two.


Let’s Kindle a fire on the dance floor doing the iPod Shuffle.


Let’s travel the world wide and web ourselves a life together.


Or better yet, let’s just Google hangout at home tonight.  Let’s close our laptops, open the microwave and pop some PC, heat up some easy MAC, and just talk.  After all, it takes two to Fandango.


But for now, all technolo-joking aside.  Let me say.  You are brilliant, you are beautiful and you amaze me.


Oh, and PS-2.  I heart you.


* * * *

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