To my future significant other, Poem by Morgan Fasanelli

Genre: sad, romantic, hopeful, love

To my future significant other by Morgan Fasanelli

if we ever actually end up finding each other

i hope that, whoever you are – you love me as much as i hope i love you

and i hope that you hate snow, but you’ll appreciate that i love it

you’ll let me shovel alone because you know i don’t mind being alone

you’ll just have coffee ready for me when i come inside

and i hope you know that when i get sad, which i will, it probably won’t be you

and i hope you’ll let me spew out my dramatic thoughts and feelings and i hope you’ll be okay with the fact that i don’t need you to tell me it’s okay, i just need you to let me tell you what’s on my mind

I hope that you have these idiosyncrasies about yourself because let me tell you, i notice everything

and i will notice if you pull the cuffs of your sleeves when you’re uncomfortable because it’s a natural reflex from grade school when someone would say something about what used to be a touchy subject for you, even though the scars are almost fully faded

And i hope that you’ll understand that i’m sorry for everything all the time, and that i’m really trying not to be

And i hope that you have lots of little stories that you remember from your past that you’re comfortable sharing with me

but most of all i hope you don’t fit every detail i just said

because that is to say that i saw you coming, and i saw us coming

and i don’t want to see this coming

i want to be so completely blindsided by your love that it knocks the air right out of my lungs

and i hope that, whoever you are – you love me as much as i hope i love you

* * * *

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