Aspiration, Poetry by Carrie Barnes


Aspiration by Carrie Barnes

I try not to feel this way about you,

but I can’t help it

My mind knows I’ll get hurt,

but my heart doesn’t care

I tell myself to listen to my head

instead of my heart,

but when you look at me,

I’m like putty in your hands

You have such power over me

and you don’t even know it

You think we’re just friends,

but little do you know

that I dream about us being

together one of these days

That’s all it is though,

a dream

I see the way you look at other girls,

ones that are fitter than me,

ones that a funnier than me,

ones that are prettier than me

The way you look at them,

is the same way I look at you

I know I don’t have a chance,

but I can only hope that

one day you’ll feel the same way

about me,

that I do about you




* * * *

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