Read Poem: ASPIRATION, by K. Exum

I remember when I was a kid and I used to dream of being a cop
Being in the force stopping the bad guys that rob
Solving all of the problems around the world
But then I got older and I saw a cop shoot a man down in cold blood
He later got on the stand said he was scared
I wasn’t there
But I’m sure when he seen you and that gun paired
That He was the only one scared
It’s sounds crazy hearing a killer saying he was scared
Like they were the one on the other side of the gun
I see situations like this come up all the time
Most officers walk free without getting time
It’s like they just didn’t commit one of the biggest crimes
The worst part is that this is normal to me now
But to some it’s like seeing a unicorn
What you see when you see that uniform
You see a hero
I see someone who likes to abuse their power
Just a bunch of cowards
I can get shot right now and their life will still mean more
Because of that badge on their shirt
It’s always been this way people just cover their eyes while we get hurt
It’s a real life birdbox
If you seen a cop jacking me up because I was walking will you actually help
Or will I just be another victim on the news
Judged because of a crime from years ago
Or because how my hair looked or how my pants were so low
Or judged off height
I used to be scared of the dark but now the police is the only ones that cause my
Scared of getting killed and the reporter justify it because of how I looked
Even if indicted they only get a couple of years
While my sentence wouldn’t let me see another day
I can’t believe that use to be my aspiration

Aspiration, Poetry by Carrie Barnes

I try not to feel this way about you,

but I can’t help it

My mind knows I’ll get hurt,

but my heart doesn’t care


Aspiration by Carrie Barnes

I try not to feel this way about you,

but I can’t help it

My mind knows I’ll get hurt,

but my heart doesn’t care

I tell myself to listen to my head

instead of my heart,

but when you look at me,

I’m like putty in your hands

You have such power over me

and you don’t even know it

You think we’re just friends,

but little do you know

that I dream about us being

together one of these days

That’s all it is though,

a dream

I see the way you look at other girls,

ones that are fitter than me,

ones that a funnier than me,

ones that are prettier than me

The way you look at them,

is the same way I look at you

I know I don’t have a chance,

but I can only hope that

one day you’ll feel the same way

about me,

that I do about you




* * * *

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