Wrongness, Poetry by Julie Martin

Dread crawls up your arm

On Sprightly legs

You cannot shake the feeling

Of a wrongness

Genre: Life, Society

Wrongness by Julie Martin

Dread crawls up your arm

On Sprightly legs

You cannot shake the feeling

Of a wrongness

As you stand there at twilight

Dark on a moonless night

Beside the empty eyes of a stranger

That shine under the glare of a moving train

Closer now, he creeps

Leaning, leering, targeting, choosing,

Will you be next?

As you debate whether to run or face your fate

His asymmetrical grin grows

His movements jerky, he’s been made

What will you do?

Thick blankets spread out in your dry throat

Can you cry out?

He turns to face you, a blessing to his hunger

Can you run?

Not a moment for impotent rage now

A moment for caution, a moment for speed

Open your eyes wide, pupils dilated

It’s crazy time

Saliva pools from your dry lips as you bare your teeth

A hiss here, a growl there

Fingers become claws as you prepare to fight

Disappointment clouds his features

Doubt dulls eyes once bright

You’re not on the menu tonight.


    * * * * *

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