These Shoes, by Latonia Sears

Genre: Freeform/ Society

These Shoes
by Latonia Sears

Most of the time people see you without knowing
What is really on your mind
making comments about the shoes you wear
because they are torn a leaning to the side
Laughing saying how they would not be caught dead in
raggedy shoes such as these
although for you it is a blessing for you
to have these shoes on your feet
For not everyone can wear these shoes
they are yours and fit you just right
the appearance of these shoes should be the last thing
on your mind while you have them in your sight
Just to walk in someone else’s shoes is extraordinarily in itself
history onfirms that so many have tried and failed
In these shoes you can walk life’s path
looking through some else ‘s eyes
It is not an easy task to see
another’s hopes and dreams
their beginnings and endings
and how they paid the price
Everyone’s shoes have walked a different path
some have strolled the red carpet while others
have walked through fire and glass
Although to each it was never a bother
Exactly like Jesus Christ and the shoes he wore
which made him destined to walk on water
All I am saying is shoes are shoes
no matter what style or size
It is the feet in the shoes that make the difference
Even if they are tired and ugly inside
So the next time just stop that person and
ask them where those shoes have taken them in life
and if you actually stop and talk to them
you can see their whole story
from the expression in their eyes


    * * * * *

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