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Read Poem: You, by Ashley Corcoran

Genre: Family   you were seven and a half your mother told you to hide, quick before your father came home with a temper and a belt you were sixteen and pregnant your baby’s father out running his fingers through … Continue reading

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FAMILY Poetry Contest (Winner gets poem made into film)

Deadline March 31st. Submit a poem that’s about something FAMILY and get it made into a movie.  Accepting any poetry in any genre or length that’s aboutFAMILY in any way. All poems will be posted on this network. Over 95,000 unique … Continue reading

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You’re Not the Boss of Me!, Poetry by Cindi Walton

“You’re not the boss of me!” the kindergartner said
When his mommy told him, “Son, now it’s time for bed!”
“Wait till I turn 18, I’ll do just as I please”
Said the boy to his father as he took away his keys
“I’m 21 and DRINK; stop me if you dare!” Continue reading

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Read the best of FAMILY Poetry from all over the world

Submit your POETRY to the Festival. Three options to submit:
https://festivalforpoetry.com/ Continue reading

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