Shadowmancer, by Andrew McIntyre

Why are you scared, when their is nothing to fear,
Did you listen to the words spoken in your ear.
Dance with the shadows if you dare,
Drink wine dark and red if you care.

He dances with shadows in under moonlight,
Listen to the words that save you from fright.

Take hold of my hand let me lead you from here.
May the words spoken softly keep your heart from fear.
Throw it all to the wind may it be carried away,
Lest the sword that slashes and the day not slay.

He dances with shadows under moonlight,
Listen to the words that save you from fright.

Did you love me or not as we walked in the woods.
Sweet songs that were sung to strengthen your moods.
Take me for what i am come with me know,
Or forever leave me in the shadows power.

He dances with shadows under moonlight,
Listen to the words that save you from fright.

© andrew mcintyre 28/9/17.

Unrequited love, by Elizabeth Kagai

I’m not so acquainted with the language of love,
So when you went off topic, you lost me

I fell,
Fell in love,
Fell for you

But worst off,
Lost my eyes in yours,
Not so sure yours in mine!

It’s like I gave myself,
Gave myself up,
Gave myself to you,
Not so sure what I wanted in return,
Not knowing it should be a mutual feeling,
That I was to get something in return

I became selfless,
Selfless to a point of losing self,
Losing self to the selflessness I had inflicted on self

Or maybe losing self to you,
You and the trust I gave,
Trust that you couldn’t let self go,
Trust that you’d hold on tight,
Trust that you’d know how to take care of self
Trust that I’d never thought you’d break

Countless times I had to convince,
Convince myself that I was on script,
Convince myself I had everything under control,
Convince myself that I deserved the cold
Convince myself that “the hand that giveth is the hand that receiveth”
And all for what?

Maybe all I need to do is get up,
Dust myself of the fall,
Teach myself that I am worth,
Worth fighting for,
Worth more

And that you went off,
Off topic,
Off script,
You should have stuck to the script,
Stuck to your own lane

And that I was just lost,
Yet to be found,
Found by anyone who accidentally passed by the lost and founds,
Anyone better than you,
Anyone but you!

Anyone would be better than you!

Comfort Me, by Saar Arreola

I hav a body
I hav a soul
But I’m not of this world
I don’t belong
People are tainted
And mislead
I’m always gonna be wronged
Where’s the love and compassion
Where’s the kindness and joy
Theres jus death and destruction
Unfairness, corruption, and pain
Why not end my life
And reclaim it for my own
I can’t even see what’s in store for me
I can’t get past this mess
That I continuously see on the TV
With all the assholes that cause the fuckery
My mind gambles with
Who’s gonna be next
Will it be me?
Or my trans friend next to me
Who’s life will be stolen
By the hands of another human
Being human disgusts me
This is not my kind
Humankind is being both
Condescending at the most
I don’t get it
It hurts me everyday
Why the hate?
So I transcend myself
And make my body my own
Agender and proud
To call my body my soul’s home
But I hav to confess
I’m a mess
Why live
Wen I’m going to die anyway
Why go thru this pain
Jus to get thru another day?
Why not jus take my own life
Turn off my lights
So I can go to a peaceful place
N let all the pain fade away
This is selfish
So they say
But in the end
All I hav is myself
So y can’t I do this?
I’m scared
Regardless of my death wish
Wat would happen after I die?
I don’t want God or my family
To think I’m selfish
Or a failure
I don’t want to go to “hell”
But what does the pain n sadness in my heart suggest?
Why live with a mind full of distress
I can’t see what’s in front of me
I can’t think clearly
I don’t know how to do life correctly
I’m aging day by day
Slowly wasting away
Is this wat u call being grown up?
So why do I wait and procrastinate?
Why can’t I do and say things right?
I feel like a waste of space
I feel like why even try
Wen everything I do turns out wrong
I can’t predict the future
I can’t see the end result
How can I go from point A to B wen the path is unknown to me
Take it day by day they say
But procrastination takes place
Then what?
Priorities are a must
It’s hard to make up my mind
Idk what I really want in life
I feel dead inside
N all the bad things I c
Increases this feeling I hav in me
I’m weak
I’m weak
I don’t know how to go about life with this feeling
I know
I need help
But even with help
I can’t see how it’s going to work out for me
How do I change my way of being?
How do I change my thinking?
How can I be more than who I am now?
How can I make my family proud?
For the first time in my life
I need God to comfort me.

Genre: LGBT, Hate, Dark, Sad, Death, Purpose, Life, God

Read Poem: Singles Awareness Day, by Hiker Angel

Categories: Love, Hurt, Painful

The Darkest heart of winter’s chill
chokes out the hollow monstrous day,
its tendrils slithering to fill.

Rapacious, snaking, gasping gill,
in waters deep where wicked prey,
the Darkest heart of winter’s chill.

Its teeth plunge, victim’s cries so shrill
with lurching, wheezing, rending play,
its tendrils slithering to fill.

Her movement stops, it has its swill
the nasty piper sucks its pay,
the Darkest heart of winter’s chill.

Vestigial quarry’s heat distill,
blood’s dulling red becoming gray,
its tendrils slithering to fill.

Her hope to wed, its gleeful kill,
this Valentine’s, fourteenth long day,
the Darkest heart of winter’s chill,
its tendrils slithering to fill.

Rhyme: A1 b A2 / a b A1 / a b A2 / a b A1 / a b A2 / a b A1 A2
Meter: iambic tetrameter

Read Poem by C.W. Veränderung

let your soul whim beyond it’s wiring
or wander through old feelings like coals of
imprinting previous struggles
as worse mutations of what once was
the frail wails of yesterday echo inside you
stirring haunting waves across your unsettled
but these are mere memories
a plate to deal with at your table
before tomorrow breeds something new

Read Poem: The Yearning, by Ken Allan Dronsfield

In a lifetime spent yearning

through which came wishing and dreaming

within many splendid, unquiet enthusiasms

a voice murmured back the word, prayer!

I was needy and you were solicitous,

my mind always straying to paradoxes.

Instead I uncovered brazen devotion,

the perkiness brought such euphoria

and so I screamed, ‘Is that a blessing?’

Mattering and assaultive within theodicy

Urging and purging within my slyness,

shyness or otherness, I could not awaken.

Tossing its ghost into all desires,

‘It’s that barrenness,’ I muttered

Quirkingly back into my memories

craving the eccentric, eclectic fantasy

the yearning, an essential evanescence

an evolutionist laughed at me in retort.

‘It’s that piety,’ I whispered.

The saintliness simply smiled.


Ken Allan Dronsfield is a disabled veteran and prize winning poet from New Hampshire, now residing on the plains of Oklahoma. Ken is a proud member of the Poetry Society of New Hampshire. He has three poetry collections, “The Cellaring”, “A Taint of Pity”, and “Zephyr’s Whisper”. Ken was the First Place Prize winner with his poem “With Charcoal Black, Version III”, in Realistic Poetry Internationals 2018 Nature Poetry Contest. He also won First Prize in their 2019 Nature Poetry Contest with his piece, “Sonnet 17, Quiet Time”. Ken has been nominated three times for the Pushcart Prize and six times for the Best of the Net. He loves life, his family and spending time with his cats Willa and Yumpy!

Read Poem: Yes, I do!, by Rajaram Gopalan

Genre: Love, Romantic

Yes, I do!

Peals of laughter
Squeals of delight
Roar of approval
Love was in the air!

In bounded a knight
Clutching something tight
Surprised there were many
As he went down on one knee!

Eternity passed before she said yes
Then the skies rained confetti
They shared a kiss
A sight not to miss!

Smiles were exchanged
Champagne freely flowed
Asked “Do you know what you will do?”
They chorused “Yes, I do; Yes, I do” !

Read Poem: Veterans – Not Just For November, by Bill Clayton

The medals glint on Whitehall
The Veterans glow with pride
The country’s politicians
Standing side by side

Rousing words are spoken
Solemn stories told
Politicians sing the praises
Of the old and oh so bold

But as these words all fade away
It seems it’s just another day
For every poppy lying by their feet
A veteran sleeps out on the street

TV crews have all gone home
Veterans now left all alone
Returning to a desperate fate
Help them now, don’t leave too late

For those who fought and gave their trust
The treatment given is so unjust
Those soldiers held in high esteem
Are being ignored, to an extreme

For those returning from the front
A new war is just beginning
For all those who came back to us
Inside their heads are spinning

A never ending torture
They live each and every day
The horrors they’ve seen
From the places they’ve been
Will never go away

The Covenant talks of treating fair
Well, none of that is working
The politicians preen and pose
While from responsibility, they’re shirking

To all in power or wish to be
There’s one thing that you have to see
Our poppies may be packed away
But our veterans’ needs are here to stay

Let’s show the world, let’s lead the way
Let it not be just a remembrance day
Let’s show the care that they deserve
Those who bravely went and served

Don’t let the pride and memories fade
Till it’s time to think of the next parade
From your responsibilities, no retreat
Get our comrades off the street.

Please don’t betray our girls and boys
Please give them all your loudest voice
Give them a home, give them care
Don’t leave them all alone out there

Homes fit for heroes
Lloyd George said
Not cardboard boxes in their stead
Maybe what he had to say
We’ll remember this Remembrance Day.

Bill Clayton
© 2019

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