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Read Poetry: PUT ME TO SLEEP BEFORE IT COMES, by Sarah Francisco

Genre: Love, Fear, Sadness, Death, Loneliness Put me to sleep before it comes I pray that everything in me completely numbs I cannot face it, seeing it coming back Put me to sleep and don’t wake me up Sleep is … Continue reading

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My Escape, A Poem by Amy Miller

In this wild-scape
Trapped by my fear
My heart heaves
A sigh of damp air

Bring me to the surface
Let me see the light
Otherwise I’ll be caught down here
In my own fight Continue reading

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Dream Ahead, Poetry by Chris Biscuiti

I will not let them look at you sadly
and I know how you want it so badly
to look at the stars and grab with your hands
to do little boy things your mind commands Continue reading

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The One Night Stand, Poetry by Carolyne M. Acen

Alone and confused
No written pattern for the previous night
No special one night creed to relate
The price of guilt now marked
on her face, drawn in sheets tainted in sex.
Continue reading

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