Forgiveness, Poetry by Sherille Williams

Genre: Relationship, Love

by Sherille Williams

His interest are no longer my interest.
Now this love that went on for so long has now become distant,
or should I say it’s the distance thats making my heart wonder .
They say shit like this makes the heart grow fonder. When he is around, all we do is bicker.
His outlook on life is not the same when he first met me.
He cheated, which means all his morals and respect for me depleted my standards of what a real man wouldn’t do.
This made my heart bleed, because I thought I was his flower and seed, a seed that grew o’ so happily. Since then it’s been all backwards bends on my end.
All my deepest feelings are now complaints, and all his dreams is what he sees to succeed.
I mean, time and time again
I daydream of him being my husband.
My love for him runs so deep even
my G-spot senses him before he turns the corner.
Then, reality snaps me back and I recognize it’s just hopeful love that I’m fucking stuck in.
Holding on days he will change and maybe I can do the same.
Now, it’s not at all his fault because at times my emotions take me over the edge. I become weak and a bit needy instead. Give him head so he can forget the argument we just had.
Then I’m still fucking empty.
He never held me when I cried,
I just wanted a bit more attention and for him to stop thinking money will be by his side when he’s dead.
It’s not the bills, it’s his wife that will be there because once he dies I will too.
See my mind is misleading into thinking
everyone should love like me.
Now, statistically that extremely rare to find.
You know; the kind of spouse that sees things before it happens and that women’s intuition that never steers a man wrong.
A good women will make you shiver even after you bust a nut, making him wanting to kiss me on the forehead asking if I can hold him instead.
I hope one day this love theory of mine will come alive.
Yet its my fault, because I’m telling the story to all my family and friends of how much he’s hurt me, but I’m still with him in the end.
I love him and if forgiving includes spitting some poetry to mend
my heart then I guess this is where the true forgiveness starts.

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