A Brief Encounter, Poetry by H. Alahmad

Genre: Love, Rhyme, Romance

A Brief Encounter by H. Alahmad


It was cloudy

And the thunder was rowdy

Suddenly an angel descended from heaven

And called me at eleven


We met at a place of festivity

I felt I am outside the bounds of gravity

I wanted to fly

High in the sky


She said buy me a lollipop

And take me to a bookshop


If I liked books before

Today I adore them more than my Porsche four by four

Because they will testify that my encounter was real

Although it was surreal


My angel was gorgeous

Like a rose from Damascus

She has beautiful eyelashes

Those convert the heart into ashes


She was so white

And her teeth were so bright

Her voice was like music to my ears

But it brought to my eyes tears

When she said I have to go

It was like the end of the show


I wanted time to freeze

I kept saying please please please

But time had no mercy on me

And refused my plea


Time has a heart made of stone

And refused to give me a loan

All I wanted is one extra minute

But I was unfortunate


The books were crying

And words were dying

When she said bye

And ascended high


I wish I was shot

And buried on that spot

The books will be my coffin

And words will be my next of kin


It was a brief encounter

It was a brief encounter

* * * * *

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