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Poem: In the Stars, by Marcus G. Taylor

 Genre: Love, Inspirational  We talked through the night with our hot cocoa on the coffee table She said, can I tell you about this crazy dream I had, if I’m able I said, by all means, share with me your … Continue reading

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Sedona Noon, Poetry by Cliff Smith

 Genres: Death, Funeral, Hope, Inspirational, Life, Love, Motivational, Philosophical, Redemption, Relationships, Religion, Song.  Life is so fine here on the line till you cross over. Lose your mind cause you can’t find your four-leaf clover. You’ll discover another lover and … Continue reading

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Gone, Poetry by minusthecynic

Genre: Religion, Inspirational Gone:  Goodbye opportunity to set the record straight  Farwell comfortable silences , whispered and screamed love songs to Jesus in attempts to beat the  summer heat  Long dreary days  Tear stained eyes  Hard to deal with attitudes and personalities larger than life  Differences of opinion, divergent paths we walk on  Yet there is love between us buried amidst this madness  And that’s why it aches so much inside my heart  Cos there is no turning back the hands of time  I will never get that period back again  When I could have filled in the blanks  Told you all those things you didn’t know about me  I don’t think I ever will  Even if I get the chance  Cos there are some things you are better off not knowing  Even if problems become halved when we distribute them out amongst your blood and flesh  Why would I want to make your life more difficult by struggling to summon up the love required  In response to my situation  I’d rather not make your life a simulation of a living hell  Far better for you to continue on with your life in happy smiling ignorant bliss  Than to possess the knowledge that your own kindred has done something dreadful  Trespassed upon the unthinkable boundary  Crossing the threshold into the dark realm of undiscovered country that should have remained  Unkempt and free of exploration by absolutely anyone  My soul was cannibalized and colonized like a colon cancer  And I do not possess the answer within me  As to why I would allow my mind to become deceived in this way  Yet that is the biggest reason why our time has been thieved so rapidly  Why I find myself desperately rushing my words hoping to create some semblance of normality  In the way the two of us relate      Even if you think my mentality is out of date  You never said as much to my sweet and sour indulging face  You never completely gave up on me  … Continue reading

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Little Girl Lost, Poetry by Patricia Poulos

Genre: Death, Family, Hope, Hurt, Inspirational, Love,  Painful, Philosophical,  Relationships, Sad, Little Girl Lost Diana – Princess of Wales by Patricia Poulos   She was shy But beneath that ‘little girl’ exterior she was strong She was only nineteen She … Continue reading

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The Sempiternal Sapphire, Poetry by Sohinee Dey

 Genre: Hope, Inspirational, Long, Motivational, Rhyme, Strong, Life, Personality. Out of nowhere, blowed the outraged zephyr, Trying to diminish the glow of the sapphire. Evocative and fetching all together, Knew the wind not that it was nether! Beleaguered by the … Continue reading

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The Voice, Poetry by Tabith’Ashley

Genre: hope, inspirational, salvation, and suspense So prone to not having a voice So cold, But that’s the result of the path that was chosen Ready, set, get molded. A million stones, A thousand trees, Yet not a time that … Continue reading

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The Red Thread, Poetry by jodyboots

 Inspirational poem by jodyboots: The Red Thread Every day we live and try our best to be magnificent as we push on, Some will concede to the evil dark beast, reasoning they are merely pawns. Those that have accepted hatred … Continue reading

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The Trilogy of Poetry, Poetry by Shannon Griffiths

Genre: philosophical, inspirational “The Trilogy of Poetry” – By Shannon Griffiths When alteration finds peace in the ringing of thoughtless guitar strings Accidental misunderstandings which consequently Shape preconceived perceptions; undeniable in their wavering threat Things are humans, humans are things … Continue reading

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Sex At It’s Finest, Poetry by HonestlyFrank

Genre: Sex, Spirituality, Commitment, Hope, Inspirational, Love, and Temptaion. Sex At It’s Finest by HonestlyFrank    This could all be so simple we could just go that far to the point of no  return, because the damage would be done. The horripilation is so surreal.  We haven’t done it before, but I can imagine what that scene would look  like. Let’s take a moment to picture our lips gliding softly against each other  as smooth as silk, your hands caressing my body which is as soft as rose  petals, my nails digging into your back carving every truth in that timing of  pleasure, your pelvis conjoining with mine, and from there you sliding in on  my island, and in that final thrust we’ve just reached the peak of my  mountain. All of these thoughts came to mind just with the thought of you. I  want you deeper though, I want to feel you in my soul even when you’re  not in my presence. This has to be like no other. So instead make all of  that physical love to my mind, know my ins and outs, every second on this  earth with me counts. I know I’m more than what meets the eyes, so are  you. Get deeper in me climax my heart with the choice to wait. Let’s wait til  all of this makes sense, let’s wait until the physical sounds of our moans  are just the rainfall in a desert, this has to be blessed so we can’t allow  ourselves to make a mess.-HonestlyFrank    * * * * * Deadline: FREE POETRY Festival – Get your … Continue reading

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Sunday Night Service, Poetry by Carla Fox

Genre: Religion, Inspirational Sunday Night Service One Sunday my job changed my schedule so I had to work during the day, So I decided that I should go to church that night to worship God and pray, I drove around … Continue reading

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