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Regret, Poetry by Ella Godinez

 I think that I’m starting to move on It’s not easy but just carry on I’ve done all the things that could distract me from thinking about him But I just really could not get rid of my feelings towards … Continue reading

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HEART-ROBBER, Poetry by Glory Emmanuel

Genre: Romance, Relationship HEART-ROBBER by Glory Emmanuel, aka glow grandeur. In the gloom of the night When all was asleep and quiet He came and broke into my heart Using his burglary tools and might His charm was the key, … Continue reading

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War In Between The Two, Poetry by Demarco Singleton

Genre: Love, Romantic, Life, Rhyme War In Between The Two by Demarco Singleton   Stuck in between the two and having no clue what to do.  You ask yourself, is it worth it? Is it worth breaking a heart that has such great purpose?  Yet you find the distraction growing even greater but you feel you should tend to that later,  but in reality you have to take action now.  You have to break down, crazy as it may sound but it’s the truth.  Listen to your heart and mind and analyze what you need to do. Yes it may be hard but now  the outcome is up to you.  Sit down and think.   You’ve created something great and something that you potentially hate has come into your  life and has filled your mind with things that are way beyond your trait.  So your mind begins to race and your heart beats in an inconsistent pace that’s when you’ve  grown to have doubts, now your mind and heart is in an unwanted place.   Take a deep breath and balance out the situation.  You realize lust has started a war and you’ve been exposed with no ammo. You know you  have to fight back, so you suit up your love with some camos.   A day without your love is a day without air, lust is such a competitor but there’s no way it can  compare.  With that realization, love defeats lust with no problem. If you can strengthen your love then  problems, you’ll never have them.  Grow in your love and fight for what it’s worth, cause lust is an obstacle but with love it has  no birth.      * * * * * Deadline for POETRY Festival … Continue reading

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One Last Day, Poetry by Barbara Hunt

Genre: Dark, Death, Romance, Family, and Hurt One Last Day by Barbara Hunt Never enough time to say goodbye Walking through this life unaware of how fast it flies People in and out never seem to stay and slowly start … Continue reading

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Melody, Poetry by Alex Pauley

Genre: Relationship, Romance   Melody by Alex Pauley   The melody my heart plays is a ragged tune that is not easy on the ears, as it holds all the broken pieces of me with it. The memories of past mistakes, … Continue reading

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Touched, Poetry by Terry Hart

Genres: Love, Romantic, Romance, Caring, Sensual, Emotional Touched by Terry Hart Destiny has delivered us through ages, eras and eons to this moment, it’s enchanting and here we are at the same place, same time Entering into this sacred experience … Continue reading

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Emerald Heart, Poetry by Barbara Hunt

Genre: Dark, Life changing, Loss, and Romance Emerald Heart by Barbara Hunt Basking in the strength of your stare Two stones with intelligence and loyalty take away the air Always there to help and challenge hard as steel filling with … Continue reading

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